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Marriage Advice Poster

Marriage Advice Poster



A poster for any newlyweds or soon-to-be-weds full of wisdom from 5th grader Renata R, written at 826CHI. Screenprinted in gold metallic ink and grey on 140C French Construction paper (Pure White). 14" x 11". An edition of 50, numbered and signed.

Full original text:

Don’t get into fights in front of your children.
Don’t hit yourself with a rubber band.
Don’t trip or fall.
Work at 826.
Don’t get married while your in your teens.
Don’t read romantic books because your wife or husband might think you’re in love with somebody else.
Don’t wear weird hats.
Try not to act taller than your husband.
Don’t read any books.
Don’t use the bathroom with the door opened.
Don’t drink coca-cola.
Don’t drink water.
Don’t speak to other people.