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We Sell Other Things Too

November 24, 2016

On this site you'll find products that we've had made ourselves. Pins, stickers, shirts that we paid our own money to have manufactured to our specifications. But we sell a number of shirts through print-on-demand sites as well and have original typefaces designs available through a number of font retailers.

We have numerous designs available at our Threadless store with a number of different shirt styles and colors. Some of the designs are the ones you see available as prints here. We're not yet interested in paying thousands of dollars to print and stock those designs, so we're selling them at Threadless in the mean time. If there is one you think we really should be making ourselves, let us know!

We also have a store set up at Print All Over Me. Those designs are a bit more unique, as they are designed as print-all-over either as patterns repeated over the entire shirt, or as a single large image that covers the entire shirt. They are kinda neat, so maybe check it out.

We also have some typefaces available at a number of different font retailers, but we prefer to link you to our store at Creative Market, because they give us a bigger cut than the other stores do (hint hint to other stores). We hope to sell those fonts directly on our store sometime soon, but we're focusing on one thing at a time and are just happy to launch our store for now.